2016-02-16 13:35
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如何在Magento 1.9.X的Header Mini Cart中显示运费?

I want to display Shipping Charge in Header Mini Cart same as cart page. There is only display Grand Total.

Please suggest me how to get shipping charge in header mini cart.

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我想在Header Mini Cart中显示与购物车页面相同的运费。 只显示Grand Total。< / p>


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  • dqb77047 2016-02-16 13:43

    You can add this code in your app/design/frontend/package_name/Theme_name/template/checkout/cart/minicart.phtml

    <?php if(!$_cartQty)
         $_cartQty = 0;
         $_shipping = $this->helper('checkout')->formatPrice

    and print this price as

     <?php echo $_shipping ?>

    where ever you want to get price.

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