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商店视图中的Magento 404页面

I've got this Magento setup that's supposed to be working as a multilanguage store. Basically I've got 3 different languages and let's say, for example, that I got the 'Terms and Conditions' page. Now, on one of the languages the url is '/termeni-si-conditii' and on the second language the url looks like '/terms-and-conditions'. If someone lands from a search engine on '/terms-and-conditions' the default language is the first one and this particular page shows as a 404 one. However if I change the language the same url shows the actual content on this page. No more 404's.

Is there a way to set the appropriate the language based on the landing url? So if they land on '/terms-and-conditions' show the content here, rather than showing the 404.


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我有这个Magento设置应该是一个多语言商店。 基本上我有3种不同的语言,比方说,我得到了'条款和条件'页面。 现在,在其中一种语言中,url是'/ termeni-si-conditii',而在第二种语言中,url看起来像'/ terms-and-conditions'。 如果有人在'/ terms-and-conditions'上从搜索引擎登陆,则默认语言是第一个,此特定页面显示为404。 但是,如果我更改语言,则相同的网址会显示此页面上的实际内容。 没有404了。

有没有办法根据登陆网址设置合适的语言? 因此,如果他们落在'/ terms-and-conditions'上显示内容,而不是显示404。


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