2017-02-23 10:55
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I had installed my wampserver on Local Disk D. Yesterday because my machine was infected with virus I had to format it. Since I would format Local disk C and not D I did not see the need to backup my website and database as they would be available on D and once I needed the project I would just copy paste as I have been doing for sometime. After formatting, I copied the database from the previous wamp data folder D:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.17\data\database_name to my new installation C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.17\data\database_name. I did the same to my website i.e. from D:\wamp\www\website to C:\wamp\www\website. However, the project seems not to work as it was working on the previous installation. What am I missing or are there other files I need to copy?

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我在本地磁盘D上安装了我的wampserver。昨天因为我的机器感染了病毒,我不得不格式化它。 因为我会格式化本地磁盘C而不是D我没有看到需要备份我的网站和数据库,因为它们可以在D上使用,一旦我需要项目,我就会复制粘贴,因为我已经做了一段时间。 格式化后,我将数据库从以前的wamp数据文件夹 D:\ wamp \ bin \ mysql \ mysql5.6.17 \ data \ database_name 复制到我的新安装 C:\ wamp \ bin \ 的MySQL \ mysql5.6.17 \数据\ DATABASE_NAME 即可。 我对我的网站做了同样的事情,即从 D:\ wamp \ www \ website C:\ wamp \ www \ website 。 但是,该项目似乎不起作用,因为它正在处理以前的安装。 我缺少什么或者我需要复制其他文件?

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  • dongqiancui9194 2017-02-23 11:01

    If the old WAMPServer was installed on the D: drive and you did not format that drive, then you can just reinstall the Apache and MYSQL services from there.

    I would remove the new install (uninstall) and then do this

    Make a shortcut of D:\wamp\wampmanager.exe and and place it on your desktop.

    Launch WAMPServer from this new shortcut.

    Using the wampmanager menus do

    left click wampmanager icon -> MYSQL -> Services -> Install Service
    left click wampmanager icon -> Apache -> Services -> Install Service

    WAMPServer should be back as it was originally.

    If you are using WAMPServer 3 > the menu items names changed a little to

    left click wampmanager icon -> MYSQL -> Service Administration -> Install Service
    left click wampmanager icon -> Apache -> Service Administration -> Install Service
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