2014-05-21 21:50
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在wampserver 2.4 windows 8上安装Joomla 3.2.3时出错

I am trying to install version 3.2.3 of joomla. when I've finished configuring Joomla, installation starts and stays at half. I have installed wampserver version 2.4 with php 5.4.12, mysql version 5.6.12 and apache 2.4.4 Anyone know what happens?

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我正在尝试安装joomla的3.2.3版本。 当我完成配置Joomla时,安装开始并保持一半。 我已经安装了wampserver版本2.4与php 5.4.12,mysql版本5.6.12 和apache 2.4.4 任何人都知道会发生什么?

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  • douxian7117
    douxian7117 2014-05-27 14:39

    The normal problem is that PHP times out during the install.

    Check the php error log and it should tell you this if this is happening.

    To increase the allowed PHP runtime, do this :-

    Edit php.ini ( use the wampmanager menus to do this so you edit the correct file )

    Find max_execution_time = 30 and change it to max_execution_time = 600

    Once the install has completed change it back to no more than 60

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