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I want to update one of the resources I defined (user) to update his current status (online/offline) and/or location. Therefore I would use a PUT request like this:

PUT http://server/v1/users/12345


   "status": 0

to set the status offline for example.

Or it could be:


   "latitude": 100,
   "longitude": 100

The backend is based on Laravel/PHP and I respond to this request in my controller:

public function update(Request $request, $userReference) {

        // Get payload from request
        $bodyContent = json_decode($request->getContent(), true);
        $userReference = $userReference;

        // Update the user location
        $updateResponderLocationCommand = new UpdateResponderLocationCommand($bodyContent);

        $response = [
            'userReference' => $userReference

        return $this->setStatusCode(201)->respond($response);

This controller uses a command system I integrated that will trigger the task of doing the update.

My questions are, where I struggle:

  1. How do I do differentiate between the commands that should be executed. Right now, only the LocationUpdate is in this method. But I don't want to write a new update message just for the status update.
  2. So how does a request need to work properly? Can I still use the approach with PUT http://server/v1/user/100 and by having keywords in the payload and a select switch - approach within the controller a differentiation between tasks to be executed upon?
  3. Am I suppsoed to use PUT at all, when I only update a single component? I read that I should use POST instead?
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