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JSON响应与同名对象 - Instagram评论

I have been building a test app that gathers pictures and certain pieces of user information from Instagram (only using PHP). I am not using the official API, but instead parsing the JSON response that I get from the url.

I'm trying to gather comments for a certain post. The issue is that when there's more than one comment, I can see the text for each comment, but the object name in the response is the same (it repeats for every comment): {text}.

Here's an abbreviated example response:

{"text":"I think this is funded by my company","created_at"...,"user":{"username"...}, blah blah blah},

{"text":"Very cool","created_at"...,"user":{"username"...blah blah blah

As you can see, for each comment made, there is a "text" object that I need to grab.

Here is my function (shortened) that parses the JSON and gets the comment text:

function scrape_insta_user_post($postid) {

  $insta_source = file_get_contents(''.$postid.'/');
  $shards = explode('window._sharedData = ', $insta_source);
  $insta_json = explode(';</script>', $shards[1]); 
  $insta_array = json_decode($insta_json[0], TRUE);

  global $the_pic_comments;

  $the_pic_comments = $insta_array['entry_data']['PostPage'][0]['media']['comments']['nodes'][0]['text'];


I have another function that I use to display $the_pic_comments by simply echoing the results.

echo $the_pic_comments;

In cases where there is more than one {text} object, how would I go about displaying each comment? I'm assuming some kind of foreach() loop might work, but I can't get the foreach() to work with my json_decode() function.

This currently works, but only displays one comment, and everything else is ignored.

Can you help me create a loop that will get each comment from the JSON response?


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  • dongyejun1983 2016-01-07 23:11

    Judging from your code alone, it seems that it should be:

    foreach ($insta_array['entry_data']['PostPage'][0]['media']['comments']['nodes'] as $comment) {
        echo $comment['text']; // Or add to array, eg. $comments[] = $comment['text'];

    Note that since you are not using official API, your mechanism may break any time without notice shall Instagram change anything in their code.

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