2017-11-01 09:11
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是否可以将Laravel 5.5项目转换为laravel 5.4而不会对该项目造成任何损害

I am facing a problem with my hosting server where php 5.6 has been installed which can't be upgrade to php 7. But my project has been completed in laravel 5.5 which need php 7 to run. Is there any solution to switch laravel 5.5 to laravel 5.4

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我的托管服务器出现了问题,其中安装了php 5.6,无法升级到php 7 但是我的项目已在laravel 5.5中完成,需要php 7才能运行。 是否有任何解决办法将laravel 5.5切换到laravel 5.4

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  • douwen1915 2017-11-01 09:51

    In fact there is no easy way to do that. If application is using Laravel 5.5 features some parts of it won't work and you might waste a lot of time to finding and fixing those issues.

    In my opinion much cheaper way would be changing hosting and in fact it would me more reasonable to use PHP 7.x than 5.6 in 2017/2018. If you look at PHP versions you will see, that for 5.6 only security fixes are applied at the moment

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