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I have a table create from datatables, how to change the status field when checkbox clicked, default status is 'before' then when checkbox clicked it update to be 'after'(in database field status), then the table reload..

This dataabs for display table

   foreach ($data as $key) {
    // add new button, checkbox
    $data[$i]['ceklolos'] = '<input type="checkbox"      id_data="'.$data[$i]   ['status_lolos'].'" class="btn btn-primary btnedit" >';

How the rest of code, when checkbox in each data clicked that data row update from 'before status' (default database) to be 'after status', after that the table reload..

Thank you, Im using datatable and php

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我有一个从数据表创建的表,如何在单击复选框时更改状态字段,默认状态为'之前' 然后当单击复选框时,它会更新为'after'(在数据库字段状态中),然后表重新加载..


 foreach($ data as $ key){
 $ data [$ i] ['ceklolos'] ='&lt; input type =“ 复选框“id_data =”'。$ data [$ i] ['status_lolos']。'“class =”btn btn-primary btnedit“&gt;'; 
 $ i ++; 



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  • doupengxie4195 2017-03-10 06:01

    First, add custom data attribute to your checkboxes

    <input type="checkbox" data-id="'.$data['id'].'" data-status="'.$data['status'].'" ../>

    In your javascript,

    // IIFE (Immediately Invoke Function Expressions)
    (function (myapp){
       myapp(window.jQuery, window, document);
    }(function myapp($, window, document){
       // $ is now locally scoped
       $(function (){
          // dom is now ready
          var dtTable = $("#sometable").DataTable();
          // dom events
          $(document).on("change", '.btnedit', function (){
              var $this = $(this);
              var id = $this.attr("data-id");
              var status = $this.attr("data-status");
              // send ajax request 
                 url: 'path-to-your-php-file',
                 type: 'post',
                 dataType: 'json',
                 data: {
                    id: id, 
                    status: status
                 beforeSend: function (){
                   // do something here before sending ajax
                 success: function (data){
                   // do something here
                   if( data.success ){
                      // update your table, or any html dom you want here
                      // if you want to add/remove rows from your dataTable,
                      // you can refer here 
                 error: function (data){
                   // do something here if error 
                   // console.warn(data);
       // The rest of the code goes here

    In your PHP file,

    $id = $_POST['id'];
    $status = $_POST['status'];
    // do your update codes here
    // after successful update return something so in your ajax you
    // will know what happened behind the scene
    $response = array('success' => false, 'msg' => 'Some error message');
    if( some_update_function_success() ){
       $response = array('success' => true, 'msg' => 'Some success message');
    echo json_encode($response);
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