2016-02-19 04:43
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如何在shopify API与PHP集成中跳过“请求权限步骤”

I am new at API integration.

I am trying to fetch product list from my shopify store.

It's working fine. But the problem is when I run my script it ask me for username and password of store. When I enters it, it shows list.

I want to skip this step as I am going to run this script on server.

How to achieve this. I searched their forum but no luck.

Please Help.

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我是 API </ code>集成的新手。</ p>

我正在尝试从shopify商店获取产品清单。</ p>

它工作正常。 但问题是,当我运行我的脚本时,它会询问我的商店用户名和密码。 当我输入它时,它显示列表。</ p>

我想跳过这一步,因为我要在服务器上运行这个脚本。</ p>

如何 实现这一点。 我搜索了他们的论坛,但没有运气。</ p>

请帮助。</ p> </ div>

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