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I have a PHP/MySQL website running on an Azure free default app service plan. I have an admin directory on the site and I want to password protect it so that it's not publicly accessible. I normally work on Linux/Apache and this is pretty easy to do with .htaccess or cpanel.

This blog post here:

seems like the way everyone's recommending to do it, but I'm having trouble following it. One of the main issues is that he assumes I set my app up using scaffolds but instead I created a free default app using the Azure web portal. So my directory structure at the start looks like this:


What are the instructions to password protect a directory on my website using this starting point?

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我有一个在Azure免费默认应用服务计划上运行的PHP / MySQL网站。 我在网站上有一个管理员目录,我想用密码保护它,以便它不能公开访问。 我通常在Linux / Apache上工作,这很容易用.htaccess或cpanel。


http: // < 似乎每个人都建议这样做的方式,但我遇到麻烦。 其中一个主要问题是他假设我使用脚手架设置我的应用程序,但我使用Azure门户网站创建了一个免费的默认应用程序。 所以我在开始时的目录结构如下所示:

 / site 
 / diagnostics 
 / wwwroot 
 / locks 
 / deployments 
 / LogFiles 
 ..  。


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