2016-06-01 17:19
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在azure web app上托管symfony2应用程序

i have a problem hosting a symfony2 app on azure. It am always getting an "Failed to write cache file" error in Filesystem.php. I guess that php does not not have the permission to write to the cache folder. How can i give php the permisson to modify the cache, without webdeploy or git, i only have ftp and the azure management portal.

KR Manuel

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我在azure上托管symfony2应用程序时遇到问题。 它始终在Filesystem.php中收到“无法写入缓存文件”错误。 我猜php没有写入缓存文件夹的权限。 如何在没有webdeploy或git的情况下给php提供缓存的权限,我只有ftp和天蓝色的管理门户。

KR Manuel

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  • dongzen5577 2016-06-02 12:10

    You have to set the correct directories for logs and cache in your Kernel. And you can usually set permissions for that folder using your FTP client.

    public function getCacheDir()
        if ($this->getEnvironment() == 'prod') {
            return 'D:\\home\\data\\cache\\prod';
        return parent::getCacheDir();
    public function getLogDir()
        if ($this->getEnvironment() == 'prod') {
            return 'D:\\home\\LogFiles\\app\\';
        return parent::getLogDir();

    there is also a pre-made bundle to take care of these things:

    and even a detailed tutorial:

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