dongpinyao2203 2014-09-12 23:24
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I have a simple web service where it receives a JSON object from a mobile app and adds that data in to a database. For testing i have created a separate web page that consists of a form and send that data using ajax to my web service.

My problem is i want to check how the data is passed to the web service and since the call is ajax i can't print out the JSON object from the php script. The data is not inserting to the database and i not sure how to debug this.

What can i do to see the JSON objects passed to the web service from that php script? Please help..

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  • dot_0620 2014-09-13 01:18

    You can see exactly what you're sending to the web service with Fiddler. Here's a link:

    By other hand, if your data isn't inserted into the DB, you should post some code to check it.


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