2014-09-01 07:52
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如何限制_id字段在MongoDB中返回使用Thinkphp / PHP?

I use Thinkphp to develope a web project.Now i need query the mongodb with specified fields and suppress the '_id' field.But the '_id' field is include in result set by default.I know in mongodb client can use follow code to suppress '_id' field,but what about use PHP/Thinkphp?

db.inventory.find( { type: 'food' }, { _id:0 } )

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我使用Thinkphp开发一个web项目。现在我需要用指定的字段查询mongodb并禁止'_id' field.But'_id'字段默认包含在结果集中。我知道在mongodb客户端可以使用follow代码来抑制'_id'字段,但是如何使用PHP / Thinkphp?

  db.inventory.find({type:'food'},{_ id:0})
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  • doubianyan9749 2015-04-13 09:50

    You can use MongoModel to query, usage like Mysql Model.


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