2014-08-05 09:21

我在htdocs中的html文件在netbeans ide中打开


how can i open my project/files in htdocs in netbeans IDE i tried looking for tutorial but there is none..i tried import but when i do it it does not have file to open or i tried open but i did not open as well..

I downloaded netbeans here i got the last one with many checks.

i also downloaded this but i cant import it as well.

any suggestions are accepted

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  • douji8033 douji8033 7年前

    GO to

    File>New Project>PHP>PHP Application With Existing Sources.

    The browse to htdocs and select your project folder.Optionally you can set the url for your application or you can just finish it there.

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  • douzongluo7542 douzongluo7542 7年前

    If you are wanting to work on a live site via FTP in NetBeans I would suggest using this NetBeans plugin:


    If you are working with local files:

    File>New Project> PHP/HTML5 > PHP/HTML Application With Existing Sources.

    If you are working with a GIT type repo:

    Create a proejct folder then initialize the repo and then pull from the repo you can also ADD/Commit/Push/Push via netbeans IDE toolbar.

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  • duannaoye0732 duannaoye0732 7年前

    Did you follow this path when opening ?

    Go to

    File->New Project->Select a Category->Pick one from Projects.

    Let's say PHP Application with Exciting Sources. Then select your project from the next window.

    Hope this helps.


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