2019-04-05 01:19
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将Composer bin目录添加到PATH后找不到Laravel命令

I ran sudo nano .bashrc and added

export PATH="~/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH"

I restarted my terminal, ran laravel and received

laravel: command not found

I had run this prior to the above

composer global require laravel/installer

Also tried executing what I added to .bashrc in the terminal directly.

echo $PATH prints


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我运行了 sudo nano .bashrc 并添加了 < pre> export PATH =“〜/ .composer / vendor / bin:$ PATH”

我重启了终端,运行 laravel and received

  laravel:command not found 


  composer global require laravel / installer 

还尝试执行我添加到 .bashrc 直接在终端中。

echo $ PATH 打印

  /home/dev/.composer/ 供应商/斌:〜/ .composer /供应商/斌:〜/ .composer /供应商/斌:在/ usr / local / sbin中:在/ usr / local / bin目录:/ usr / sbin目录:在/ usr / bin中:/ sbin目录:/  bin:/ usr / games:/ usr / local / games:/ snap / bin 
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  • doqau82086 2019-04-05 02:07

    The directory that Composer uses to store global binaries can be configured, and its default value depends on your operating system. You can see what it's set to by running

    composer global config bin-dir --absolute

    On your machine that outputs


    so that's what you should add to your PATH:

    export PATH="~/.config/composer/vendor/bin:$PATH"

    See also:

    • Why is COMPOSER_HOME empty?, which touches on one reason why you might see ~/.composer/ on some machines and ~/.config/composer/ on others.
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