dpepbjp126917 2019-06-10 14:24
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通过laravel迁移添加'on update'和'on delete'外键约束

I am making my table like this...

    Schema::create('matched_merchants', function (Blueprint $table)

Im adding 2 foreign keys both have onUpdate and onDelete constraints but only the update constraint gets added.

If i delete the onUpdate, it will correctly add the onDelete constraint.

I cannot add them separately because i get the error of duplicate key.

I could add them manually with a raw sql statement but if theres a right way to do it id rather do that.

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  • douxiaochun4964 2019-06-10 14:49

    For some reason, if you set the columns as nullable(), Laravel sets the foreign keys correctly.

    That said, I can see that causing other problems, so I recommend doing the raw SQL statement.

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