2019-01-25 10:43



I'm using niklasravnsborg/laravel-pdf package in laravel to generate a pdf. In this code i added watermark but that watermark is coming only on the last page though i wanted that to be in every page.

$pdf = PDFm::loadHtml($result->document);
$pdf->mpdf->showWatermarkText = true;
return $pdf->download('hdtuto.pdf');
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  • dsebywql016137 dsebywql016137 2年前

    From the documentation, it should work. Could you however, give the following a try?

    $config = ['instanceConfigurator' => function($mpdf) {
        $mpdf->showWatermarkText = true;
    PDF::loadHtml($result->document, $config)->download('hdtuto.pdf');

    In this case, we are initialising the PDF instance with the right configuration instance, instead of doing it after loading the HTML.

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  • douxian7534 douxian7534 2年前

    mPDF doc states that

    The watermark will be added to each page when the Footer is printed if the variable $showWatermark is set to 1 or true.

    Try to add header/footer to your PDF and set corresponding flags

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