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Laravel - React,强制Axios拒绝/捕获

I have a Laravel API which sends the current user either a JSON UserObject(if Logged on) or None/blank result(if no current User).

The frontend is React with axios to get data from API.

        .then((response) => {
            alert('Login Failed '+ error);

since Axios is a promise, it will either resolve or reject.

If I send a blank value in API, it will still consider as resolve. How can I force the axios to reject if there is no current user in API.

I can have if..else in the response callback to distingush between a user and a guest, but I just wanna know if its possible to force a catch.

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  • dongwo2772 2018-11-30 05:41

    You should either respond with a 204 status if you dont want to send any data back. Or even better a 404 if that particular resource doesnt exist.

    The 404 will be considered a rejection by axios.

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