2018-11-14 16:31
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Firebird pdf blob由PHP保存为pdf文件

I have a blob which we receive from a Firebird 3.0 database.

if($dbh = ibase_connect($db,$username,$password, 'UTF-8')){
echo "Connecton steht zur Firebird DB steht! <br>";
$sql = "SELECT MEMO FROM DMS where ID = '44'";
// Execute query
$rc = ibase_query($dbh, $sql);
// Get the result row by row as object
$data = ibase_fetch_object($rc);
$blob_data = ibase_blob_info($data->MEMO);
$blob_hndl = ibase_blob_open($data->MEMO);

$inhalt = ibase_blob_get($blob_hndl, $blob_data[0]);



there comes a lot of signs in browser, so the SQL query works. Now I'd like to write the content (its a PDF) in a pdf file on disk.

Every try didn't succeed:

file_put_contents('test.pdf', $inhalt);
file_put_contents('test.pdf', ibase_blob_echo($data->MEMO));

and much more.

When we try to open the PDF File with Acrobat Reader, there comes an error message: no PDF File / File-type is not supported

How can we fix this?

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  • doufang3001
    doufang3001 2018-11-15 10:28

    thank you for your answers ... We interpreted them in a way, that the code above is basicly correct. After a while, we found out, that the error apears because we changed the charset in the DB Connect to UTF8 for the varchar Fields. For the blob we connect now without Charset change and the readout work properly. Thank you again.

    $dbh = ibase_connect($db,$username,$password)
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