2014-02-06 16:41
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So, i have this firebird database, with a " photo " column wich i'm trying to display.

Here is what i've done so far:

  • Since ,the content type is unknown ( I'm not the one who created the database, and there is no colomn indicating the type).
  • From the first 20 character of the blob data i guess it's a bmp.

Here's a sample code :

 Before this : code to connect, run a query to get the table and fetch the result as object ( everything works fine until here)

$blob_data = ibase_blob_info($row->PHOTO);
$blob_hndl = ibase_blob_open($row->PHOTO);

$bl = ibase_blob_get($blob_hndl, $blob_data[0]);
header('Content-type : image/x-xbitmap');

echo "<dt><strong>Technician Image:</strong></dt><dd>" . 
     '<img src="data:image/x-xbitmap  ;base64,'.
      '" width="290" height="290">' . "</dd>";

$filename = $bl ? dirname(__FILE__)."/img/product__$NUM.bmp" : dirname(__FILE__)."/img/no_pic.bmp";

if ($bl) fwrite(fopen($filename, 'w'), $bl);

As you can see i've tried to :

  • Display the blob data using "ibase_blob_echo"
  • Display the blob using img tag
  • Save it as a file

First one show raw data of the blob, the second nothing and the third result in a corrupted file.

Concerning the Content-type header i've tried

  • image/bmp ,x-portable-bitmap, x-xbitmap , jpg, gif, png

Now i'm out of ideas ...

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  • 因为,内容类型未知(我不是那个人 创建了数据库,并且没有colomn指示类型)。
  • 从blob数据的前20个字符开始,我猜它是一个bmp。


     在此之前:连接代码,运行查询以获取表并将结果作为对象获取(一切正常,直到此处 )
     $ blob_data = ibase_blob_info($ row-&gt; PHOTO); 
     $ blob_hndl = ibase_blob_open($ row-&gt; PHOTO); 
     $ bl = ibase_blob_get($ blob_hndl,$ blob_data [0]  ); 
    header('Content-type:image / x-xbitmap'); 
    ibase_blob_echo($ row-&gt; PHOTO); 
    echo“&lt; dt&gt;&lt; strong&gt;技术员图片:&lt; / strong&gt;  &LT / DT&GT;&LT峰; dd&gt;”中 。  
    '&lt; img src =“data:image / x-xbitmap; base64,'。
     base64_encode($ bl)。
    '”width =“290”height =“290”&gt;'  。  “&lt; / dd&gt;”; 
     $ filename = $ bl?  dirname(__ FILE __)。“/ img / product __ $ NUM.bmp”:dirname(__ FILE __)。“/ img / no_pic.bmp”; 
    if($ bl)fwrite(fopen($ filename,'w'),  $ bl); 


    • 显示blob 数据使用“ibase_blob_echo”
    • 使用img标签显示blob
    • 将其另存为文件


      关于内容类型标题我已尝试 \ n

      • image / bmp,x-portable-bitmap,x-xbitmap,jpg,gif,png

        现在我出去了 想法......

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  • dongxingji3882 2014-02-11 10:27

    As a bitmap has 0x42 0x4D at position 0, and then 4 bytes of file size (0x36 0x65 0x01 0x00). In the dump you posted both bytes 5 - 8 (before the BMP header) and bytes 11-14 (filesize after BMP header) are the same, so it look like the blob has (guess work):

    • 4 bytes: some kind of application specific image type nr (?)
    • 4 bytes: file size (same as after the 0x42 0x4D)
    • Actual bitmap file

    You might want to check if skipping the first 8 bytes is enough to get it to work, then I'd check if this is generic across all files (maybe there is more than one file type!)

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