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Symfony 3.4 - 自动服务线在方法中不起作用

I'm relatively new to Symfony, and I'm having trouble some trouble. I'm trying to type hint a custom RequestValidator class in the method being called when the endpoint is called.

Using Symfony 3.4

However, I am getting the following error:

Controller "ApiBundle\Endpoints\Healthcheck\v1\Index::check()" requires that you provide a value for the "$request" argument. Either the argument is nullable and no null value has been provided, no default value has been provided or because there is a non optional argument after this one.

Here is my setup:

services.yml file

           autowire: true
           autoconfigure: true



path: /healthcheck
controller: ApiBundle\Endpoints\Healthcheck\v1\Index::check
defaults: { _format: json }
    - GET

And then - inside the Index class, I have the following:


namespace ApiBundle\Endpoints\Healthcheck\v1;

use ApiBundle\Responses\ApiResponse;

class Index extends ApiResponse

      public function check(HealthcheckRequest $request) {


When I do debug:autowiring I see my HealthcheckRequest in the list.

Further, when I do the same and try type-hint in the constructor of the Index class, it all works.

And finally, if I try and type hint the Symfony/HttpFoundation/Request, inside the check() method, it instantiates it correctly.

In summary:

Not working :

  • check(HealthcheckRequest $request)


  • __construct(HealtcheckRequest $request)
  • check(SymfonyRequest $request)

Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated.

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  • doushe8577 2019-01-04 13:09

    It's part of services.yaml already in Symfony 4, but introduced in version 3.3, so this might help:

    # controllers are imported separately to make sure services can be injected
    # as action arguments even if you don't extend any base controller class
        resource: '../../Endpoints/*'
        tags: ['controller.service_arguments']
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