2019-03-11 03:26
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I have an AJAX call that returns the data from PHP

echo json_encode( $json_response);

and the result is as follows


I then loop through it with JQUERY

$.each($.parseJSON(data), function(i, obj) {
         var name = (;
         var address = (obj.address);        

This works perfectly fine, but I am trying to add a name (child) to it so that I can have other children. I used the following

json_encode(array('storedata' => $json_response))

to add the name storedata which returns


I have tried looping through with

$.each($.parseJSON(data.storedata), function(i, obj) {
             var name = (;
             var address = (obj.address);        

but something is wrong with the syntax because the data.storedata is undefined.

What is the correct syntax and/or correct way to do this. Thank you for any and all help.

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  • donglu8779 2019-03-11 04:10

    The problem is that you are trying to access storedata before parsing the string into an object, so you need to replace $.parseJSON(data.storedata) with $.parseJSON(data).storedata:

    $.each($.parseJSON(data).storedata, function(i, obj) {
             var name = (;
             var address = (obj.address);        
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