dongzhanjuan5141 2017-03-06 15:55
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PHP LDAP,ldap_search只返回少数用户

I'm working on a PHP project for my job and I ran into an issue. I can't figure out why my query (which just retrive all users) only return 34 results out of 348 entries. It's not depending in which OU they are or anything, it's just like : "You can come, no not you... Yu. No not you, Yu !"

It's always the same 34 persons.

Here's the search filter:


Everything else is fine, it only took me one whole day of work to make the authentification work :3

Ask for more information, I'm new to LDAP, plus PHP and me isn't a love story.

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  • doujichan1399 2017-03-06 22:59

    try to play with the scope (it can be sub, one, or base), if you want all entries from child OUs, you will need to use the "sub" scope. (or SUBTREE)

    and you usually can't search subtrees with anonymous binds in many LDAP servers so you have to specify it

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