dousao2186 2016-07-06 00:11
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如何在prestashop 1.6中访问属于另一个控制器/模型的.tpl文件中的DB数据?

I need to reach data, which belongs to IdentityController from the Customer database table in my my-account.tpl file. ( To be honest I should merge the content of identity.tpl and my-account.tpl on one page, but I have no solution for the problem.)

Should I change the controller, or can I access Customer table data trough the IdentityController in some way via smarty from my-account.tpl? (if yes, how?)

Any advice could be helpful and appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

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  • duanjiu2701 2016-07-07 01:25

    Data does not belong to a controller.

    The general rule is that database tables representing conceptual entities (Customer, Order, Cart, etc...) are fetched and modified via their namesake classes (the model). As long as you can construct a Customer object in any given controller, you can access the corresponding data for that object from the database.

    A controller only contains the logic that performs a certain action or group of actions. To achieve this, it usually interacts with one or more objects from the model because the controller itself stores no data of its own.

    In this particular case, if you have access to the customer's id, you can pass that to the Customer constructor and proceed to use its properties and methods.

    Alternatively, the controller might have already set the $this->context->customer property which contains an already-constructed Customer object you can use.

    Once you can access that data, you just have to assign the values to the smarty variables of your choice (via $this->context->smarty->assign()) and you're all set to use them in your template.

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