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显示[object Object]数据的值

I got data from third party plugin and I just got [object Object] in javascript. I want to pass it on PHP and show all the values on that [object Object]. How could I to do that ? I already pass it to PHP through GET

I got this [object Object] from this part.

    .attr('title', "Save chart")
    .on('click', function (e) { {
        window.location.href = "temp.php?var=" + data;
.append($('<span>save chart</span>'));

This is my PHP code.


$var = $_GET['var'];



if I do var_dump it still get [object Object] but I want to get the values of that [object Object].

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  • drn1008 2017-02-22 04:32

    Your object is being converted to a string. Try this in a browser console to see.

    var a = {}
    a.toString() // this will give you [object Object]

    In your code at this step:

    window.location.href = "temp.php?var=" + data;

    you are converting data from object to string. You need to do this

    window.location.href = "temp.php?var=" + JSON.stringify(data);

    and on PHP part of the code, you will now receive it as string, so you need to do this:

    $var = var_dump(json_decode($_GET['var']));
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