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I have a magento shop that I have developed for a customer. The shop is Australian and the products need to be GST inclusive. However The customer has entered all prices in the product view as GST inclusive (not exclusive) so when we go to add GST (10%) it will add a further 10%, meaning the price is above what it should be.

I have seen that there are many plugins that will do a global price change however these plugins will only allow + or - percentages. To work out the GST exclusive price I will need to divide by 1.1.

Does anyone no of an extension that will allow me to divide all prices globally? or Does anybody know how I could change all prices globally programatically?

Thanks in Advance, Anthony

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我有一个我为客户开发的magento商店。 该商店是澳大利亚商品,产品需要含GST。 但是,客户已在产品视图中输入所有价格作为GST(不包括GST),因此当我们添加GST(10%)时,它将再增加10%,这意味着价格高于应有的价格。

我已经看到有很多插件可以进行全球价格变动,但这些插件只允许+或 - 百分比。 为了计算消费税专属价格,我需要 除以1.1

是否有人不允许我使用 在全球划分所有价格? 是否有人知道如何以编程方式全局更改所有价格?

先谢谢 , Anthony

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  • duanliang1999 2015-03-25 07:20

    In admin you can actually specify whether prices entered include tax or not. Just go to System -> Configuration -> Tax -> Calculation Settings. There you can find dropdowns for Catalog Prices and Shipping Prices, etc.

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