2015-02-06 17:43



What i need

Get two integer numbers from a query and put then like decimal. Example: 214566 to 214.566

What i've done

SQL Query

select to_char(numberOne,'FM999G999G999') from tableOne

Putting this code i get a blank chart enter image description here

Changing the query for a simple result, the chart becomes visible SQL Query

select numberOne from tableOne

enter image description here

Remember, the numbers are on "Integer" type

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  • doubaomao9304 doubaomao9304 6年前

    In line 4518 of phplot.php i've put

    $i = 0;
    $which_lab = null;
    foreach($argv as $value) {
        if($i == 0) {
            $which_lab.= number_format($value, 2, ',','.');
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