2014-07-24 06:53

Ruby,php shell_exec和crontab无法正常工作


    $scan = shell_exec('ruby /home/user/wpscan/wpscan.rb --url --enumerate vp --follow-redirection --threads 1000');

    And than...
     ... extracting data from array(); (explode("plugins:", 1))
     ... writing data[1] to txt file ...
     ... send mysql query with rule if() {} else {} ...
     ... unlink(); *.txt file ...
    ...that's all


Hello. Have problems with running ruby script (wpscan) via crontab. Adding it as root:

crontab -e

In cron:

* * * * php5 /home/user/wpscan/wpscan.php

When time comes - php script launching, but! Works all parts of script except $scan (part with ruby script doesn't work).

I tried to show script full path to ruby bin: "which ruby" and than I copied those path to php file.

Ruby installed under root, all scripts have maximum rights and where created under root. In scripts everywhere I'm using full paths to files I need to connect. I also tried to use full path for php5, but if trust syslog.log - it doesn't matter. Help me somebody please :)

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  • du9826 du9826 7年前

    Ok. I have solved the problem. From what I understood, even if we run ruby script from cron, that doesn't mean that we have enough rights. So, first I made: added one fix to sudoers - providing root with NOPASSWD. Next: I check out all pathes in script as they must be full (i.e.: /bin/php5 /home/test/test.php) Than I add SUDO command in my script:

    $test = shell_exec('sudo ruby /home/test/test.rb');

    Don't forget also chmod +x file.php

    In cron I used:

    crontab -e
    *   *   *   *   *   php5 /home/test/test.php

    And that's all :) Now all works fine. Some of my mistakes:

    • don't forget to do test output from the file (i.e.: sh > test.txt);

    • Use mail alerter with cron, it may help as well

    • If you running something from cron - better use full path

      Thanks mudasobwa for advices and time :)

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