2016-01-06 23:11
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从cron作业执行脚本时,shell_exec('crontab -l')为空

I'm trying to delete specific cron job with my PHP script. First of all I'm trying to get current cron jobs using shell_exec:

shell_exec('crontab -l');

When this script executing from webbrowser shell_exec returns all current cron jobs. But when this script executing from cron job shell_exec returns empty string. Why?

On another webhosting this works fine, but here I have this issue. I tried to find the reason or solution, tried different ways but didn't found any working solution.

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我正在尝试使用我的PHP脚本删除特定的cron作业。 首先,我想要获取 使用shell_exec的当前cron作业:

  shell_exec('crontab -l'); 

执行此脚本时 来自webbrowser shell_exec返回所有当前的cron作业。 但是当从cron job shell_exec执行的脚本返回空字符串时。 为什么?

在另一个虚拟主机上,这个工作正常,但我在这里有这个问题。 我试图找到原因或解决方案,尝试了不同的方法,但没有找到任何有效的解决方案。

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  • dongwuchu0314 2016-01-07 00:59

    You must put the entire path of the command, in this case, the path of crontab. Because when the crontab executes their jobs, there is no environment variable $PATH to look for binaries

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