2015-02-23 22:08
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在Windows Server 2012 R2和PHP 5.6.4上找不到PDO

I am trying to connect using PDO on a Windows Server 2102 R2 running Apache 2.4.10 and PHP 5.6.4 from a script and get the error "Class 'PDO' not found" when trying to connect.

Here is the code calling the connection

ini_set('display_errors', 'On');

    case 'getList':
function getList(){
    $dbh = dbConnect();
    $pstmt = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM announcements WHERE user=? ORDER BY startDate");
    echo json_encode($pstmt->fetchAll(PD0::FETCH_ASSOC));

function dbConnect(){
    $DBH = new PDO(ccappConfig::mysqlDSN, ccappConfig::mysql_user, ccappConfig::mysql_pword);
    return $DBH;

I have tested to make sure PDO is available in the following manner

    echo "PDO Installed<br />";
} else {
    echo "PDO NOT Installed<br />";

This returns "PDO Installed" and the phpinfo() confirms pdo_mysql is installed along with both mysql (being eliminated) and mysqli.

I am not sure why this error is generated and php_pdo.dll has been eliminated from 5.3 forward with PHP so I don't believe I am missing a driver and I also don't believe this due to the phpinfo() returning under PDO heading both mysql and sqlite drivers are enabled.

What am I missing here or is there something wrong with my code I am missing?

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