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How to post values to loginchk_coustomer.php given in below code, not through Url by any other way. Is there any other way to post these value to loginchk_coustomer.php becoz it is not secure.

include "include/connect.php";
$user_name       = $_REQUEST['user_name'];
$password        = $_REQUEST['password'];
//echo "select * from school_info where school_id='$user_name' and school_password='$password'";
$sql_query       = mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query("select * from school_info where school_id='$user_name' and school_password='$password'"));
$db_username     = $sql_query['db_username'];
$db_password     = $sql_query['db_password'];
$db_databasename = $sql_query['db_databasename'];

echo "<script>";
echo "self.location='member/loginchk_customer.php?db_username=$db_username&db_password=$db_password&db_databasename=$db_databasename&user_name=$user_name&password=$password'"; // Comment this line if you don't want to redirect
echo "</script>";


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  • dongshanxiao7328 2015-01-16 01:00

    You need to create a session to store all that information.

    Here's what they are - from

    Session support in PHP consists of a way to preserve certain data across subsequent accesses.

    To start a session write at the beginning of your code:

    session_start(); // needed in all pages that will use the variables below

    and then after your assign the information this way:

    $_SESSION['username'] = $sql_query['db_username'];
    $_SESSION['password'] = $sql_query['db_password'];
    $_SESSION['databasename'] = $sql_query['db_databasename'];

    All the information will persist on those variables along the site until you do:


    I also recommend you not to redirect with javascript, but this way in PHP:

    header('Location: member/loginchk_customer.php');

    Possibly after checking this answer you will think about to change the way you check the login information. But that's okay. It's the way of learning.

    More information about sessions:

    I hope this helps.

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