dongtiao2105 2011-01-21 12:28
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I have a category table with sub-categories Table Structure is:

ID, Category Name, Parent Category

1, A, 0

2, B, 0

3, C, 0

4, A1, 1

5, A2, 1

6, A12, 4

and so on..

I am able to display this in the form of Tree Structure. But I want to display them as Tree Structure with Paging.

Something like,

Say there are 1000 categories.

Every page shows 20 records (in tree like structure)

So, no. of pages = 50

Now, when user clicks on Page Number 2 then he should be shown records from number 21 from the Hierarchical Tree Structure.

So, what I want is that a Tree with Paging.

Please help me in how to do it.


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  • 普通网友 2011-01-21 12:30

    First get the entries which are in the currently selected branch; then cull them according to the offset.

    (You are obviously somewhere storing the currently selected branch, and have some means of setting the position in the pages. Make an ordered list of the sub-nodes in the branch to be displayed, then get the subset between $offset and $offset+$numberOfEntriesToBeShown-1 and display these entries.)




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