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I'm using ajax call api return json and render html append to page like below.
I have question is is possible after post parameter to api function then api function render in php then return rendered data to js, js just only append?

Because there is to much html structure if i write in js so difficult to read. Wondering most people how to do this?

    url: public_path+'/api_for_ajax/category/'+category_id+'/'+visible+'/'+rows_perpage+'/'+page,
    type: 'POST',
    processData: false,
    contentType: false,
    async: false
}).done(function(response) {
    var response = JSON.parse(response);
    $(data_article.article).each(function(i, each_data_article) {
        var output = '<div class="article-list"><a href="'+public_path+'/article/''">
        <div class="thumbnail"><img src="'+public_path+'/assets/thumbnails/'+each_data_article.thumbnail.thumbnail_id+'/'+each_data_article.thumbnail.file_name+'.'+each_data_article.thumbnail.file_format+'" alt=""></div>
        <div class="subject">'+each_data_article.subject+'</div>
       // append


$data_select_category_id_page = $this->article_model->select_category_id_page($response_message, $category_id, $visible, $rows_perpage, $page);

$data = array();
$data['article'] = $data_select_category_id_page;

echo json_encode($data);

I tried in slim framework, it not work why??


$data_select_category_id_page = $this->article_model->select_category_id_page($response_message, $category_id, $visible, $rows_perpage, $page);

// 1
$app->render('frontstage/article/page_view.php', array(
  'data_select_category_id_page' => $data_select_category_id_page,

// 2
return <<<HTML
<div><?php print_r($data_select_category_id_page);?></div>


<?php $column_count = 1; ?>
<div class="row">
    <?php foreach ($data['article']['article'] as $i => $each_article) { ?>
        <?php if ($i >= 4) { ?>
    <div class="article-list">
        <a href="<?php echo $uri['public']; ?>/article/<?php echo $each_article['id']; ?>">
            <div class="thumbnail"><img src="<?php echo $uri['public']; ?>/assets/thumbnails/<?php echo $each_article['thumbnail']['thumbnail_id']?>/<?php echo $each_article['thumbnail']['file_name']?>.<?php echo $each_article['thumbnail']['file_format']?>" alt=""></div>
            <div class="subject"><?php echo $each_article['subject'];?></div>

            <div class="category-list-container">
            <?php foreach ($each_article['category'] as $each_article_category) { ?>
                <div class="category-list"><?php echo $each_article_category['subject']; ?></div>
            <?php } ?>
            <div class="clear"></div>
            $old_date = $each_article['create_at'];
            $old_date_timestamp = strtotime($old_date);
            $new_date = date('d M Y', $old_date_timestamp);
        <div class="create-at"><?php echo $new_date;?></div>
<?php if (($column_count % 4) == 0) { ?>
<div class="clear"></div></div><div class="row">
<?php } ?>
<?php $column_count++;?>
<?php } ?>
<?php } ?>
<div class="clear"></div>
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