2016-05-10 09:01
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内部服务器错误 - Drupal 6

I have Drupal 6 Site.

I have enabled compression of CSS & JS files. Last night I uploaded couple of css files. I cleared the Cache from Drupal site. It was working fine..

But this morning when I opened the site, it is throwing error

500 Internal Server Error. Contact your system administration.

I logged into as admin anyhow & disabled the compression so all the css & js files issue got fixed but the images that are under sites/default/files/ are not loading & getting 500 Error for these files.

This is very critical for my site.

I have already reverted the files & uploaded. But not working.

The strangest thing is that I was doing this on my subdomain dev.hello.com but the issue is also affecting / giving the same error on the main site as well. www.hello.com

Steps taken till now by me:

Exactly the same issue

Any help highly appreciated.

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  • doufeng3602 2016-05-10 12:18

    I was in very critical need to fix. I google for almost 2 hours & tried lot things to fix it. But it didn't. Hence decided to post the question.

    I have written very clear in my question,what links I followed, what could have caused the issue & PLUS highlighted that its very crucial.

    But few people on this community are more interesting in down-voting,suggesting useless suggestion instead of finding the way to fix it.

    Steps that fixed for me

    • Disabled the Optimization for a while
    • Navigated to sites/default/files, deleted the default .htaccess
    • Uploaded the new .htaccess
    • Cleared the Cache
    • ReEnabled the Optimization

    Thats it. It fixed the issue


    #SetHandler Drupal_Security_Do_Not_Remove_See_SA_2006_006
    #Options None
    #Options +FollowSymLinks
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