2017-06-28 02:40
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So I have a database called invoices and I have the user id in there and the date, I would like the user to be able to see all his invoices but not the others. So like my database is setup like

id | userid | amount | date | status

and I want the user to see his own invoices, how would I do that?

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所以我有一个名为发票的数据库,我在那里有用户ID和日期,我想要用户 能够看到他的所有发票而不是其他发票。 就像我的数据库设置如

id | userid | 金额| 日期| 状态


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  • doubiaokai4998 2017-06-28 02:43

    That can be done with the query:

    SELECT * FROM invoices WHERE userid = [the userid of the user];

    You can also select specific columns of those rows like:

    SELECT amount FROM invoices WHERE userid = [the userid of the user];

    If you want more help, you'll have to explain what specifically you need help with!

    Hope this helps!

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    Oh I see what you mean!

    When you create a user (using the INSERT command), you can use RETURNING to ask for information from the rows you just created/populated:

    INSERT INTO invoices (userid, amount, date, status) VALUES ([some userid], [some amount], [some date], [some status]) RETURNING id;

    This is assuming id is populated by a serial input. You can also ask for any or all of the other rows you just populated. For example:

    INSERT INTO invoices (id, userid, amount, date, status) VALUES ([some id], [some userid], [some amount], [some date], [some status]) RETURNING *;

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