doulou0882 2016-02-14 09:53
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I have created a simple wall post feature, like on FaceBook.

A user writes a post, the post is submitted to the database and then echoed back onto the website; that all works.

The only issue is, when the text is echoed back onto the website the line break isn't. So, I typed:

"Hey this is a post.

Here is a new paragraph"

and it displayed as:

"Hey this is a post. Here is a new paragraph"

I've seen a few posts here saying to use the nl2br() function and input /n for a new line, however I really don't want my users to have to write '/n' everytime they want a new line, they should just have to press the enter key on the keyboard.

The line break is stored in the database, so I have no idea why it isn't echoed out. Can anyone help?

Not sure if the code will be necessary but I'll post it just in case.

while($wallposts = mysql_fetch_assoc($getwallposts)) {
    $postid = $wallposts['id'];
    $postedby_username = $wallposts['postedby'];
    $wallpostdate = $wallposts['dateposted'];
    $wallpost = $wallposts['post'];

    $querypostedby_info = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `username`='$postedby_username'");

    //get the info above
    if (mysql_num_rows($querypostedby_info)===1) {
        $getpostedby_info = mysql_fetch_assoc($querypostedby_info);

        $postedby_id = $getpostedby_info['id'];
        $postedby_profilepicture = $getpostedby_info['profilepicture'];

    //display the posts
    $wallpoststicker = 
    <div id='wallpost-container'>
        <div id='wallpost-header'>
            <img src='$postedby_profilepicture'><div id='wallpost-header-by'><a href='/profile.php?id=$postedby_id'>$postedby_username</a> said:</div>
            <div id='wallpost-date'>&bull; $wallpostdate</div> 
        <div id='wallpost-content'>
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  • dsbpaqt61965 2016-02-14 09:56

    PHP function nl2br converts newlines to "<br>" breaks.
    So, $wallpost=nl2br($wallpost); should accomplish the task.

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