duanpi5733 2017-06-12 08:45
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So i have found on the Api from Amazon that you can start and stop the instance with this

$result = $client->startInstances([/* ... */]);

and also like this

$promise = $client->startInstances([/* ... */]);

So here is my question. Are there any diffrences between the $promise and the $result.

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  • duaj39673 2017-06-12 11:43

    From the PHP SDK for EC2 documentation page that you linked in your Question:

    Each of the following operations can be created from a client using $client->getCommand('CommandName'), where "CommandName" is the name of one of the following operations. Note: a command is a value that encapsulates an operation and the parameters used to create an HTTP request.

    You can also create and send a command immediately using the magic methods available on a client object: $client->commandName(/* parameters */). You can send the command asynchronously (returning a promise) by appending the word "Async" to the operation name: $client->commandNameAsync(/* parameters */).

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