dongwei9365 2019-03-22 20:32
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PHP - 如何仅在循环中发布选中的复选框?

I am working on a project that signs up students to specific classes("french", "math",...). The student id is already selected. True a while loop i display my classes out of my database with a checkbox in front of each class. I only wanna post te checked checkboxes in a form that will send it to a php file thats puts the student and his selected classes into the database. But i cant seem to solve how i only post the checked checkboxes because of the difficulty with the while loop. I hope someone can help me. Already thanks!

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  • duanhuilao0787 2019-03-25 12:41

    The best way would probably be to alter your HTML to POST the classes as an array instead of individual form elements.

    <checkbox name="classes[]" value="CLASS_ID_1">
    <checkbox name="classes[]" value="CLASS_ID_2">
    <checkbox name="classes[]" value="CLASS_ID_3">
    <checkbox name="classes[]" value="CLASS_ID_4">

    Then, the PHP side of this is very easy. Only the checked checkbox values will appear on the processing page.

    So, let's say that someone checks CLASS_ID_1, CLASS_ID_3 and CLASS_ID_4;


    The above code should return;

    array (

    So, essentially, it is an array of checked values. This means you do not need the class name or any additional information or loops to process the data.

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