doulang9953 2019-04-12 09:12
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I have a table set up as seen below:

Table Setup

I have a slideshow (slides are on different .php pages) and at the bottom of each page I have a button, they click on which just holds the a href to the next or on the back button, previous page.

I need to store which number slide they are on into the userTakingModule table in the checkPoint. Is there anyway someone could give me some guidance on how to do this please. The first slide they reach I guess it would be an INSERT query, then if there is already a value held in checkPoint it would be an UPDATE query. I'm so lost, anyone able to shed some much needed light?

The button code at the end of each slide:

<div class="arrow-container">
  <button><a href="dashboard.php"><i class="fas fa-arrow-circle-left"></i></a></button><button><a href="slide2.php"><i class="fas fa-arrow-circle-right"></i></a></button>
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  • doufa5001 2019-04-12 09:41

    Simple solution for this is, If there is entry into table regarding checkpoint then update that entry with new data else insert new entry. You can insert and update with same query by using

    INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ((which will execute the UPDATE at the end if name already exists see documentation)

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