douyan1613 2017-04-07 13:33
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php postgresql错误,准备好的语句已经存在

Am getting an error of prepared statement "my_query7" already exists, i call this function each time a user tries to update table leader_info in the database, i have gone through the documentation for pg_prepare and i don't understand what is meant by it should only be run once. code snippets will be of help. Thanks.

 function add_leader_country($user_id,$l_country)
   global $connection;
   $query = pg_prepare($connection,"my_query7","update leader_info set l_country = $1 where user_id = $2 and status < 9"); 
$result = pg_execute($connection,"my_query7",array($l_country,$user_id));
  echo pg_last_error($connection);
  echo "Records created successfully
$row = pg_affected_rows($result);
return $row;

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  • douqiaotong8682 2017-04-07 13:53

    Prepare execute does not permit duplicate naming, so that is your error. A query should only be prepared once, for example, in a cycle for the preparation state must be set out of the for and its execution in the for.


    In your case using a functio that use the prepare and execute multiple times it's a problem.

    What are you trying to accomplish with this function dispatches more code like where you are calling the function. This way I might be able to help you.

    If you want to use functions I would use this method

    Exemple from

    function requestToDB($connection,$request){
            return False;
        while ($row = pg_fetch_assoc($result)) {
        return $combined;
    $conn = pg_pconnect("dbname=mydatabase");
    $results=requestToDB($connect,"select * from mytable");
    //You can now access a "cell" of your table like this:

    If you whant to use preaper and execute functions try to create a function that creates the preparations only once in a session. Do not forget to give different names so that the same error does not occur. I tried to find something of the genre and did not find. If you find a form presented here for others to learn. If in the meantime I find a way I present it.

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