2017-11-20 12:25
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实现我自己的存储服务的最佳方式? [关闭]

Let's say I want to implement storage server, which would be used as a place to store files, images, etc. from different websites. Something like S3, but only for my projects.

I thought about some API/Gateway on PHP, which would save files from those websites to appropriate server, but is it a good way? And should I use Webdav or maybe NFS/SMB, which protocol is more secure and fast?

Can you please give me advice how to create my own storage server? Especially I want to hear about appropriate stack for that, thank you.

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假设我想实现存储服务器,它将用作存储文件,图像等的地方。 来自不同的网站。 像S3这样的东西,但只适用于我的项目。

我想到了PHP上的一些API /网关,这会将文件从那些网站保存到适当的服务器,但这是一个好方法吗? 我应该使用Webdav还是NFS / SMB,哪种协议更安全,更快?

您能否请教我如何创建自己的存储服务器? 特别是我想听听有关适当的堆栈,谢谢。

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  • dongqiang8683
    dongqiang8683 2017-11-20 12:41

    There are a number of projects for building your own NAS or SAN (I think that is what you're looking for). Look at the FreeNAS project for example. It does require quite a bit of memory though (depending on the size of your storage and the demands you put on it). When you want to build your own NAS, you will not need very powerful CPU's, unless you want to run apps on the NAS (FreeNAS provides a system for runnning containerized applications on the NAS, using it's storage) but you will need memory and of course plenty of disks, again depending on what your exact requirements are.

    However, if you're simply looking for a place to store your own files and they are not extremely large or a huge number of files, then you could simply build a Linux server and push (or pull) the files using SFTP, it only uses OpenSSH and a single port, fully encrypted with minimal overhead.

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