dongtuliao6760 2013-04-09 02:20
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I know there have been lots of question about AJAX security. I've searched and read but am still unclear as to what the best approach is.

I have a very specific senario:

I have an application that is build on top a PHP MVC framework. I've turned presentation elements such as a "navigation menu" modular. The navigation menu module has a controller (sever side). The controller uses a model to retrieving data from the database and then it responds with a php echo of the data. I can make the http request to the controller using AJAX because the controller is routed to by a URI. I believe this is call a RESTful API. When the user clicks a link in the navigation menu a static content area is update with the data that was retrieved from the AJAX request. Lets say that I Make a different action in the same controller that is capable of writing data to the database. Having a publicly available URI that allows writing to the database is obviously bad. How does one secure the URI interface so that AJAX can retrieve and write data, but those individuals with malicious intent can do harm?

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  • doww38701 2013-04-09 02:51

    You must treat an ajax request as you treat a get request or post request. In other words never trust the user. You have server side control, ajax is client side so never trust "CLIENT SIDE" that makes a request(check the data, if data is ok then return a response if not return another response).

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