2015-04-13 04:20
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使用Ruby on Rails保护数据?

I am making a website and wish to store the data of users that log in into a SECURE database.; their username, URL, profile picture and points.

I am currently working on and studying game development so don't plan on spending too much time learning complex new coding languages. It was recently suggested to me that I learn Ruby on Rails, rather than mySQL and object oriented PHP. I currently have half a website built with HTML that uses some PHP (not coded by me).

Using Rails, can I set up a secure database to store information that can be accessed and changed by the website but untouchable to users?

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我正在制作一个网站,希望存储登录SECURE数据库的用户数据。 他们的用户名,网址,个人资料图片和积分。

我目前正在研究和研究游戏开发,所以不要花太多时间学习复杂的新编码语言。 最近向我建议我学习Ruby on Rails,而不是mySQL和面向对象的PHP。 我目前有一半使用HTML构建的网站使用了一些PHP(不是由我编码)。

使用Rails,我可以设置一个安全的数据库来存储可以访问和更改的信息 通过网站但不容易被用户使用?

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  • dqkf36241 2015-04-13 05:01

    I'm relatively new to RoR as well but I'll do my best to answer completely:

    1. Rails did have a bit of a learning curve for me, it doesn't help that the language changes so often so that tutorials are out of date quickly. It is very rewarding, however, and will let you quickly create awesome web-apps.

    2. Rails has many Gems that you can use for many different things. For user authentication/encryption, you can use Devise, I've never needed database encryption on its own but I'm sure there are gems for that as well.

    3. Rails readily accepts your html if you split it up correctly. I recommend you use Rails without php to make your own life easier but Here is a guide to run both if you really need to.

    Hope this helps.

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