2014-02-09 09:16
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过期cookie - 神奇的数字-86400

I'm reviewing the code of my framework which deletes cookie on client and here is the piece of code where it does it:

return setcookie($name, NULL, -86400, Cookie::$path, Cookie::$domain, Cookie::$secure, Cookie::$httponly);

I'm particularly interested in why the number is -86400 seconds? Is it just random number or it has any special meaning in some convention? I can expire cookie with -1, can't I?

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我正在查看我的框架代码,该代码删除了客户端上的cookie,这里是代码片段 它:

返回setcookie($ name,NULL,-86400,Cookie :: $ path,Cookie :: $ domain,Cookie :: $ secure,Cookie :: $ httponly );

我特别感兴趣的是为什么这个数字是 -86400 秒? 它只是随机数还是在某些惯例中有任何特殊含义? 我可以用 -1 来过期cookie,不是吗?

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  • dongshen9686 2014-02-09 09:20

    -86400 seconds is exactly a day ago. But that aside, I don't think it has any special meaning. Maybe the guy writing this chose this value to also wipe cookies for browsers that are in a different timezone or of people that have their computer clock set to a slightly incorrect time.

    But my guess would be that there used to be 86400 (as a positive number), and the programmer just made it negative to remember the old value, in case they would need it again.

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