2019-07-16 17:50
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I have been trying to load an section of page using iframe in my wordpress site. I can load certain sites in the iframe without any issue but while i try my required page it doesn't work as expected just inside the page. The iframe src is loading perfectly if its opened individually

I have tried most of the answers mentioned here in stackoverflow and other forums, still can't get a solution for this. I tried adding code in .htaccess, also tried adding code in functions.php

This is the iframe src I want to load.

It can be loaded individually in browser but not inside an iframe. I am getting the following error in console while i try to load it :

[ERROR] Permission denied to access property "hash" on cross-origin object

Is this an issue with my code, server config or with the URL itself?


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我一直在尝试使用中的 iframe 加载一部分页面 wordpress 网站。 我可以在 iframe 中加载某些网站而不会出现任何问题,但是当我尝试我所需的页面时,它在页面内部无法正常工作。 iframe src如果单独打开则完全加载

我已经尝试了 stackoverflow 和其他论坛中提到的大部分答案, 仍然无法得到解决方案。 我尝试在 .htaccess 中添加代码,也尝试在 functions.php中添加代码

这是我要加载的 iframe src

它可以在浏览器中单独加载,但不能在 iframe 中加载。 我在尝试加载它时在控制台中收到以下错误:




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  • douxiong3245 2019-07-17 09:11

    It's about your source is blocking unauthorization call from domains not in CORS. They're only allow call from Origin https://ec.europa.eu. The short answer, you can't deal anything from your side.


    More information about CORS: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/HTTP/Access_control_CORS

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