2013-07-24 14:15
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I have been trying to retrieve the values form two tables mysql:

table1 = jid, name, lat, lng

table2 = id, imgs, jid

My problem is that the second table could have 2 or more items. I would like to retrieve the data from the two tables in one query. Is it possible to make some thing like:

id name    lat  lon  imgs
1  coco   -122  210   1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg

I tryed with Join, union and :-(

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   table1 = jid,name,lat,lng 
table2 = id,imgs,jid 

我的问题是第二个表可能有2个或者 更多物品。 我想在一个查询中从两个表中检索数据。 有可能做一些事情:

  id name lat lon imgs 
1 coco -122 210 1.jpg,2.jpg,3.jpg 

我尝试使用Join,union和: - (

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  • dongtangu8615 2013-07-24 14:33

    You cannot get the result you want in one step, you will have to unload the data from the database like this for example:

    SELECT,,, table1.lng, table2.imgs
    FROM table1
        INNER JOIN table2 ON table2.jid = table1.jid;

    This will build a result like this

    id name    lat  lon  imgs
    1  coco   -122  210   1.jpg
    1  coco   -122  210   2.jpg
    1  coco   -122  210   3.jpg
    2  late   -100  270   1.jpg
    2  late   -100  270   2.jpg

    You can then process through the result set row by row and build either the page content or some new data store using a change in the id field to indicate that you are starting the image set for a new jid.

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