2018-08-02 05:21
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This question may seem repetitive, as there are many threads around with the same subject, but thing is that most solutions seems to be linked with terminal coding, which i'm not comfortable with. The problem is simple i have a php script that needs to be executed very 10 seconds. Cron job in cpanel allows only upto 1 minute. What's the workaround to let cron work every 10 seconds ?

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这个问题可能看起来很重复,因为有许多相同主题的线程,但事实是大多数解决方案似乎 与终端编码相关联,我不满意。 问题很简单,我有一个需要执行10秒钟的PHP脚本。 cpanel中的Cron作业只允许最多1分钟。 让cron每10秒工作一次的解决方法是什么? </ p> </ div>

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