2019-03-01 02:18
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I'm codding a php script, using Instagram Private PHP Api.

It's work fine via SSH under "root" user, but when I try to run it via browser or cron, I getting error: Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted in .....

I guess that something wrong with permissions, but I am not really good in server administration and can't understand what I can do =(

Please help, how I can fix this problem?

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我正在编写一个PHP脚本,使用Instagram私有PHP Api。</ p>

在“root”用户下通过SSH工作正常,但当我尝试通过浏览器或cron运行时,我收到错误:警告:chmod():操作不允许..... </ strong> </ p>

我认为权限有问题,但我在服务器管理方面并不是很好,也无法理解我能做什么=(</ p>

请帮忙,我该如何解决这个问题?</ p> </ div>

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