2018-02-12 22:59
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使用Laravel 5.5从Bootstrap 3.3.7迁移到4.0

I've started a project with Laravel in version 5.5 including Bootstrap v.3.3.7. For now, I want to test if I can switch to the new 4.0 release.

I've already read this but I'm not sure that all the code written in my project will work with the new version, also I'm using the bootstrap-sass included in Laravel.

Do I simply need to run :

npm uninstall bootstrap
npm install bootstrap

To get the new version of the sass preprocessor included or will my code be absolutely broken?

I'm open to any advice because I don't know if this is possible.

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我已经在5.5版本的Laravel中启动了一个项目,包括Bootstrap v.3.3.7。 现在,我想测试是否可以切换到新的4.0版本。

我已经读过这个但我不确定我项目中编写的所有代码是否都适用于新版本,我也使用Laravel中包含的bootstrap-sass。 / p>


  npm uninstall bootstrap 
npm install bootstrap 


我愿意接受任何建议,因为我不知道这是不是 可能。

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  • douchunsui2395 2018-02-12 23:06

    Just put "bootstrap": "^4.0.0" inside of your package.json and run npm update, all the changes you need to worry about are Breaking changes when upgrading from v3.6 to v4

    NOTE: As the PO mentioned in the comments, on this link you can find which files you need to modify in order to properly load Bootstrap 4 into your older Laravel versions, specifically versions below and including 5.5.

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