duanqi6274 2018-02-21 20:11
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为什么我们在PDO PHP中使用PDO :: closeCursor()方法/函数?

Why do we use PDO::closeCursor() method/function in PDO PHP?

Basically this question is asked already there but the answers are not contextual that can give a clear output that why PDO::closeCursor() is used?

When should I use closeCursor() for PDO statements?

On php.net its definition is too summarized that one cannot understand after reading it.


Can anyone tell? Examples will be more useful for better understanding.

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  • dongping6974 2018-02-21 22:05

    Some databases does not support to execute and fetch the result from the next query until the previous query has the un-fetched results.

    Let suppose you are executing 2 queries, the first one is in the fetching state and is not completed yet and on the same moment you want the first query to be stop in the state where it is currently in, and want to move to next query so the PDO::closeCursor() is used between the two queries to pause the first query in the same state and begin the next one.

    Remember: This method is not compatible with all the PDO drivers.

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